WORPT Mission

WORPT is a financial platform developed with the intention of driving the global digital economic machine by making value storage and transactions more accelerated and secure.

Our main mission is to provide the best feature-rich and user-friendly platform. The one that is accessible for everybody who looks to store and transact all financial assets, both off-chain and on-chain, anywhere and anytime.

  • Make cryptocurrencies part of your daily life
  • Provide easy, secure and reliable wealth storage and investment

Feedback culture

  • Quick
  • Benefits teamwork
  • Actionable feedback 


  • We prefer communicating through public channels instead of private messages
  • Platform over Pipeline: We work as a team and share all information when possible. Preventing miscommunication that more often happens with an opaque private conversation


  • Working here should help you fulfill your purpose or passion in your life. If they don’t align and be purposeful, make them be, together!

Data-driven decision making

  • Using facts, metrics, and data to make all decisions instead of gut feelings
  • If there is no data available, getting one is the top priority

Our vision is to drive the global digital economic machine. Making it faster and better to store and transact values

Contact Us

  • 2556, 66 Tower 17th Floor, 1701-1703 Sukhumvit Road, Bangna Nuea, Bangna, Bangkok 10260
  • people@worpt.com